Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twitter Followers Vis-A-Vis Mosaic Collage

On Twitter yesterday I came across a url posted by @walter with a content example. It is a very clever and useful way of viewing all of your followers on Twitter. So, I created this blog to say thanks to my PLN/PLE friends on Twitter. You can click on a user icon and it will take you to their Twitter account. You can also create one for yourself at Twitter Mosaic. The app is written by Walter Higgins. Thank you Walter for the visual inspiration mosaic!

Click on the image or here to view what my current Twitter follower mosaic looks like in a typical 500 pixel wide blog post. Thank you to all my Twitterdom friends for inspiring and teaching me EVERYDAY the ways of TODAY and for helping me move from Web 2.0 and Beyond KNOWLEDGEABLE to Web 2.0 and Beyond KNOWLEDGE-ABLE.

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